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We founded Halsey 44 with a vision to transform the mundane into a refreshing approach to menswear.

As father and son, we committed ourselves to creating finer men’s apparel using innovative fabrics, combining comfort and function with quality and style. With Bill’s creativity in textile architecture, we manufacture garments using very selective novelty yarns, high-quality weaving and construction selections. Our cutting, sewing, and custom finishes present an old-world quality among the best in men’s fashion. Halsey proudly wears our family name and Halsey 44 represents the generations of textile and apparel craftsmanship that inspired our vision and commitment to make men to look their finest.

William Halsey Johnson, III & IV


We make you look good. Halsey 44 makes an effortless luxury in everyday apparel for the modern gentleman. Blending craftsmanship with a tailored aesthetic. The line is relaxed, refined and always impeccably tailored. We’ve made adjustments to ensure all our selection of pants will fit you no matter your body type or style.


Other pants are made with excess fabric in areas that are unattractive. Halsey 44 products are cut for an accommodating but still trim fit.


The details make the garment unique. Halsey 44 ensures all our collections are thoughtfully complete, from the double stitching to the contrasting colors of our, buttons, tags, and trims.


Halsey 44 selects the softest artisan weaves and saturates fabrics with the deepest dyes. Our collections are durable, maintaining their comfort and shape, and style year after year.


Fine yarns of tangible quality.
The Halsey 44 collections are influenced by our heritage yet updated for today, with an emphasis on versatility and comfort. Our trousers and 5-pocket pants look great with your favorite shirts and styled blazers. Halsey 44 heritage design in every garment reflects a commitment to quality and integrity. Well-made perfectly fitted clothes make the man.


You’ll be impressed. Trust us.
Halsey 44 offers trousers, shorts, and 5-pocket pants in a wide array of fabrics and colors, a feature that has been a company trademark since inception. Our design specialists work tirelessly to ensure our collections have distinctive colors, vibrant with life.